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Charlie / delicate flower / lover of punk rock music / queer jerk / Pittsburgher / cis; he/his


WHY would you want weed socks where you gonna wear those?? to church???? to school? to work? no you’ll wear them at home by yourself and take pics of them for the internet bc there’s little marijuanas on them

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i feel like im watching dragon ball Z and goku is about to show up and fight final form neil degrassi tyson

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this idiot just refuses to take a proper photo and this is why i hate him

but honestly tho go the HELL OFF!!!!

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girls are so hot???? like i see a hot girl every 2 seconds.  and a hot guy about every 2 weeks.  and even then i’m wary because he might end up yelling something rude at me or making a rape joke or something

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We Can Never Break Up - Alkaline Trio

You’re like a test, I can’t fuck up
You’re like a song in my head, like a la la la la la like a dream 
Don’t wake me up and if I never see the light again
Well I guess they put me in the ground with this smile on my head, my love
My love

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"where’s my christian grey????” hopefully locked up in prison

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